Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Days & The House

Hi guys! I've been here for some days now, jet lag has gone, I'm fine and I'm getting used to this life. My family here is very nice, We get along and we have fun together. I did FaceTime with my family in Italy this morning and also yesterday, everything is okay. Tomorrow I have the appointment with the consoler, a person who helps me making my study plan, choosing classes and that kind of things. On Tuesday I'm starting school!!! Yesterday I also did some shopping, I bought some clothes.
In these days I've taken some pics of the house just for you, so you can see how's where I live. 

The first pic is the kitchen, the second is my room, shared with my host brother, Bryan. It's a pretty good house, I love it. The third pic is neighbourhood, it's really quiet and nice. 


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