Monday, February 29, 2016

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

A traveller I’ve always wanted to be,
The world I wished to see,
It was my dream when I was a kid
So that’s what I did.

Travelling is my passion,
I don’t need anyone’s compassion, 
If you think it’s a loss of time,
Talking to you I’m losing mine.

People often just like to wander,
And every time a little bit longer.
Life’s not meant to be lived in one place,
But that won’t definitely be my case. 

It doesn’t matter where you decide to go,
The travel is what actually makes you grow.
I bet you’ll find out something new,
Perhaps you will change your point of view. 

Don’t be afraid, follow your mind,
If you look, something you’ll find.
Leave your country, discover the unseen,
Go to places you’ve never been.

The future is forward, the past is past,
About the present you should be enthusiast. 
Just make your choices, no regret,
Life’s too short to be upset. 

Earth is huge, go visit,
Come on, don’t be timid!
Live your life, you only get one,
Don’t be complacent about a single home run.

Try to be happy every day,
Don’t let anyone step in your way.
You’re a traveller, be cool,
The world is still the best school.

Michael  - Exchange Student

Sunday, February 21, 2016

99 Days Left !!!

Happy to go back but upset for leaving. It's that moment when you don't even know how you feel. I do miss my parents and my brother, which actually will come to visit me in 37 days, my friends, my life.  I'm really accomplished for my experience here, I'm having a really great time, I have an awesome host family which is really a second family now. I couldn't be more happy about this exchange year which has brought me so many adventures and new things. It's about to be time to leave this dream, and get back to the real world. Right now I just wanna enjoy this 3 months I have left and have fun, it's gonna be great. I might write a post in the next days about the things I'm starting doing for my Italian school, making up and organising. I'll be at UCS Pueblo from Thursday to Saturday for the Festival Of Winds, I'll definitely do a post probably next Sunday if I have time, otherwise Monday. 

Carpe Diem guys :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Super Bowl 50 - Broncos Champs

Last Sunday there was the Super Bowl, the final for the NFL, the National Football League (American Football of course). It was between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, which is the team of Colorado, the state I'm doing my exchange year in, so it was kind of big deal since football here is very common. It was played in California, at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. It was called the Golden Super Bowl since it was played in this state and also because it's the fiftieth. The game was really good and exiting. It was Peyton Manning's Last Game, the Broncos Quarterback, who is now retired. I really had fun and here are some pictures of the game, of the Nation Anthem by Lady Gaga and of the halftime show by Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Beyoncé. The songs playing if you're using a computer are from the halftime show :)

Domenica scorsa c'è stato il Super Bowl, la finale di campionato della NFL, la lega nazionale di football americano. I finalisti erano Carolina Panthers e Denver Broncos, che è la squadra del Colorado, lo stato dove mi trovo, quindi era una cosa abbastanza importante visto che qui tutti seguono il football.
La partita si è disputata in California, allo Stadio Levi a Santa Clara ed è stato chiamato Golden Super Bowl essendo il cinquantesimo ed essendo in California, the Golden State. é stato davvero una bella partita. Era anche l'ultima per Peyton Manning, il Quarterback dei Broncos che ora si è ritirato. Mi sono molto divertito. Vi lascio foto della partita, nell'inno nazionale cantato da Lady Gaga e dell'halftime show di Bruno Mars, Coldplay e Beyoncé. Le canzoni che partono se state usando un computer sono qulle dello show di fine primo tempo :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snow Days - First Week Of February

Hey guys, I know I still have to write a post about the "letter to myself" written at the orientation, and I will soon, but today I wanted to tell you about these past few crazy days, the weather, the snow, the delays, and the school closures. 

I came back from the ski trip, which I wrote about, on Saturday night and it was already pretty cold and we knew it was gonna snow soon. At Monarch, where we had just came back from, it was already snowing, since like 2/3 pm. 
It started later and it fell over night too, but in the morning it wasn't bad at all, it was white around, but not on the streets. In the afternoon it started again and it came and left, but at the end of the day there was enough snow and school on Monday was closed.  Monday was even worst, it snow the whole day, and of course they closed on Tuesday as well, and also Wednesday due to the bad streets. Thursday we had  two-hours-delay, which means that school started at 9:30 instead of 7:30. They monitored still over night and they might have close, but I'm glad they didn't, I was so bored at home. Anyway a lot of snow fell. Here, where I live, it was around 20 Inches, which is 50 cm. But up in the north of the city, not that far from my school, in Falcon, it reached 5/6 feet, which is 160/80 cm, the pictures are pretty amazing. The reason for the delay on Thursday was, beside the unsafe streets, the cold. The temperature in the morning were supposed to be around -18°C. On Thursday night it snowed again, but not much. We didn't have closure or delay for Friday but they should have done something because it was pretty bad. Well, I guess you understand that the week went by fast hahaha. Now the weather is way better it's supposed to be sunny and pretty warm for a couple o weeks. I actually don't now if and when I'll write the post about the letter because I the next one will be about the SuperBowl so I'll see :)

Ehi :) So che vi avevo detto che avrei scritto un posto sulla lettera, scusate, se riesco lo farò questa settimana. Oggi volevo parlarvi del tempo che abbiamo avuto di recente e delle varie conseguenze e chiusure. Sono tornato sabato sera dallo snowboarding e faceva già abbastanza freddo e sapevamo avrebbe nevicato. A Monarch, dov'eravamo a sciare, già cadevano fiocchi un paio d'ore prima che partissimo. Ha nevicato la sera tardi e di notte, ma di mattina non era poi così male, era bianco ma le strade erano pulite. Nel pomeriggio ha nevicato molto, un po' a momenti, e lunedì hanno chiuso le scuole. Lunedì era anche peggio e quindi martedì hanno chiuso. Dopodiché ha smesso di nevicare ma le strade erano davvero brutte e hanno chiuso anche mercoledì. Giovedì abbiamo avuto un entrata posticipata alle 9, non tanto per la neve quanto per il freddo, c'era -18°C. Alla fine c'era molta neve in giro, qui dove vivo io era attorno ai 50 centimetri ma più a nord vicino alla mia scuola era attorno al metro e mezzo. Giovedì sera e notte ha nevicato di nuovo e le strade erano brutte il giorno seguente, avrebbero dovuto chiudere o almeno mettere un ritardo ma non l'hanno fatto, siamo arrivati a scuola tardi per il traffico. La settimana è ovviamente passata veloce. Ora fa caldo, ci sono 10/15°C ed e previsto bello tutta settimana. Non so se riuscirò a scrivere un post sulla lettera, vedrò. Il prossimo sarà sulla finale del campionato di football americano, il SuperBowl, che si è giocato domenica :)