Thursday, August 27, 2015

Women and Army: Between Rights and Protection (II Essay - Persuasive Writing)

     The human beings are the most advanced form of life on the Earth thanks to the ability to communicate,  to speak,  to interact between themselves and,  together,  find a way to improve their existence.  Unfortunately the coexistence of different cultures,  religions and ideals hasn’t always been and it’s not still peaceful;  from these contrasts wars have broken out and,  as result,  today the nations have armies to defend themselves.  In the last twenty years the way of battling has changed because of technology and today everyone is able to be a military,  but women aren’t still allowed in combat. 
     All around the world America is synonym of freedom,  people think it to be the land where you can make your choices and become who you want to be.  If so,  why female soldiers haven’t the same rights as male ones?  In the U.S. Army there are women but they can’t hold same positions as men,  like combat-arms role or infantry or artillery;  however they go on mission and they face the possibility of roadside bombs and small-arms fire.  Nowadays the concept of war has been totally modified by the innovation of weapon,  which means that there aren’t front lines anymore and the dangers are everywhere.  Are there situations that a man can handle better than a woman?  No,  absolutely,  it’s just a matter of drilling and training;  this vision comes from the sexist ideal of many centuries ago,  it’s almost tradition.  For instance,  if you want to think about something close to the United States,  in Canada women are allowed to hold every role.  This fairness it’s rooted in the law and in the culture and it doesn’t let the women to prove themselves.
     “Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give” (David O. Mckay).  This quotes means that there isn’t anything more natural than the freedom of choice,  it’s in the human DNA and this is the reason why people fight for their ideals.  If you take this into account it’s obvious that the women should be free to make their own decisions and,  as consequence,  to hold every military role.  The idea that the death of a woman in battle could leave young children motherless isn’t an excuse to prevent them joining an progressing in the armed forces.  “If that is what a woman choose to do,  there should not be barrier -  beyond the standard admission requirements -  to her doing it”. 
     Life is the most important human right and should be preserved,  it’s a gift and everybody should take care of it;  unfortunately this doesn’t happen,  people are the only living beings that kill each other not to eat.  It’s not easy to be who have other lives ended and here is the point:  can be more difficult for a woman to kill anyone?  The answer is no,  because the people who decide to become soldiers want to protect their country and they know that what they’re doing it’s for a good reason,  whether they are women or men.  There are parts of the world where female soldiers are allowed in combat,  for instance in Israel,  Sweden,  Norway and Russia.  All around the Europe Russian female soldiers are said to be very good snipers because of their patience and their steady hand,  many of them have been fundamental in the Second World War.  A lot of the aspects of a woman character generally considered weaknesses could be helpful in some situations. 

     “Changes call for innovation,  and innovation leads to progress” (Li Keqiang).  If the women were allowed in combat,  for equality this would be a victory of a battle in a war started many years ago.  Everyone should have the right to fight for the freedom and to defend his/her own believes.


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