Monday, August 10, 2015

My First Essay - Every man is the artisan on his own destiny

     Every person has different expectations, habits, tastes and mainly his own personality;  in the world there aren’t two people with the same character,  in fact each human being is unique.  If I think about myself,  which I often do,  I realise that my temperament is weird and that sometimes it’s difficult,  even for me,  to understand myself.  Who am I?  Actually I don’t know yet,  but I would say that I can best be described as a talkative and a traveler.

      The word has been given to humans to be able to communicate,  to evolve;  the speaking ability is what distinguishes us from animals.  I have always talked a lot since I was adult enough to be able to do it.  My parents told me I started speaking really soon and that I didn’t ever stop;  I was a sleepwalker so I used to talk during the night too.  I have always had something to say,  an opinion to express,  a mind to share,  a question to ask.  Year by year I realised that this fact,  to be a talkative person,  wasn’t so bad,  because speaking and asking I have learnt a lot.  Actually I like talking,  in a dialogue you grow up,  you discover something new and you become more aware of the world you live in and of the other people’s culture.   I think that everything could be managed with the dialogue,  no more conflicts or war;  if we take this into account, I don’t think that being a chatty person is negative.  Maybe you are thinking that this vision of the world is unreal,  and probably it is,  but I don’t mind,  I’m an optimistic so I believe that this may happen;  if everybody thought that this could be possibile, probably it would be. 

      To become more conscious of what’s around you and to discover new cultures,  you are supposed to travel and spend some time in another reality,  you have to respect what you don’t know.  There are a lot of people,  at least in my country,  who don’t want to do this,  they live a life made up of prejudice,  stereotypes,  ignorance and  unawareness.  I’m happy to say that I’m trying not to be this kind of person,  not to judge something just because you don’t understand it.  This is the reason why  I love travelling,  to be able to know,  to learn and to be a better person;  basically this is the reason why I chose to become an exchange student, why I’m here now.  The earth is full of thousand of different traditions,  way of thinking and customs that are just up to us to discover and that’s exactly what my personality is supposed to do.

      It’s true that each one of us has natural and innate aspects,  however I firmly believe that we are who we choose to be.  Even if it’s difficult to describe your own character,  most of all with just two words,  I definitely  think to be a talkative and a traveler more than anything.  I’m glad of how I am and I don’t want to change,  because it took me seventeen years to become like I am today.  We can say that what happens it’s due to the fate but as Appius Claudius Caecus - a roman censor - said: “Faber est suae quisque fortunae’, which means that every man is the artisan of his own destiny.


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