Monday, January 4, 2016

Family Visiting!!! - A Special Thanking

"The departure is now approaching and always more often I think about this experience, what's going to happen, from where everything has started, but most of all thanks to who this, from dream, has become truth. I'm writing this for you, mom and dad. You don't know about this blog yet, I'm planning on telling you the day I'll leave and I hope you'll read this, because it's dedicated to you. It's thanks to you if this experience is about to happen. For me it's a sacrifice for some aspects, but for you is definitely a bigger one. To see you son leave like this, for 10 month, alone, far away from home. If I think about it, it looks like yesterday when I used to cry every night, when I drove you to distraction, when I was your little child... But when we'll see again I'll be 18. What I'm trying to say, with sincerity and love, is Thank You. 
Thank You for raising me with all your love,
Thank You for teaching me what's right and what's wrong,
Thank You for letting me free to make my own decisions,
Thank You for being always there for me, 
Thank You for loving me so much,
And above all Thank You for this fantastic experience you allow me to do, I will not disappoint you"

This is the translation of an old post, number 3. I finally got the permission to have my parents and my brother coming to visit me during spring break, for my birthday!!! For this I've decided to translate one of the five posts I haven't translated because it was too much: A Special Thanking 
You can find the Italian one here -->

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