Saturday, December 19, 2015

Semester Final Concert & Goodbye Louisa

 Last Wednesday we had our last concert for this semester at school. First Jazz Band, then Symphonic Band and last Wind Ensemble, which I play in. At the very end we played a Christmas song all together, with marching band too. It was really fun, as always, I had really good time with my friends. Here are some pictures from that amazing night :)

At the same time it was sad because of friend, Louisa, a really good friend. She's an exchange student from Germany and she'll leave on Monday since she did just the first semester. I hope you'll read this.
What I wanna tell you is thank you, you're an amazing friend, I'm so glad I met you and this month with you have been the best ever. You've always been there for me and living and going through the same things as me you've always understood me as nobody else. Thank you, I hope to see you in Europe when I'll be back too. Safe journey, I'll miss you so much ❤︎


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