Monday, November 23, 2015

No Matter Where You Are, Whether It's A Quarter Mile Away Or Half Way Across The World, The Most Important Thing In Life Will Always Be The Family

Home. You're not gonna find a place, anywhere in this planet or in anyone else, where you'll feel like at home. It's true. Don't get this wrong, here is awesome, I'm doing great... but yes, I miss home, how couldn't I? I just wanna say thank you again to all those who support me about this experience and most of all to my parents; and to all those who didn't believed in me, here I am, I made it. My dream is true, and sometimes I just stop and think about it and I can't believe it. Time's going really fast, in just 190 days I'll be back to my life, to reality and I'll be happy to, but it's not time yet, my place is here now. Never forget what's important and don't let anybody take it away from you. I'm not a person who believes in destiny because I don't want to think not to be able to do what I want, it's my life and it's gonna be as I say it will. Realise your dreams guys because we only live once, but never forget about your family and the people you care about because that's where your home is and will always be.


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