Friday, November 13, 2015

Hands Off From Europe - Pray For Paris

This is not an actual post about my experience or whatever and it's not gonna be long, I'm not even gonna translate it. Due to today's events I just feel like I need to write something, and so that's what I'm doing.

If for I don't know what reason you didn't hear about it today in France, precisely in Paris, there have been multiple terrorist attacks, a mass execution at a rock concert, hostage situations and another attack near a soccer stadium where President Francois Hollande was watching a match between France and Germany. In the Bataclan Theatre four gunmen wearing suicide vests started shooting and shouting 'This is for Syria. Allahu Akbar'. Other shooting and terrorist acts were reported in several places like bars and shopping centres. Right now it has been confirmed the death of 128 people and 5 terrorists have been killed. Isis claimed the responsibility of the act of war that it's considerated the worst violence witnessed in France since World War II. Holland made two decisions: first he declared the state of emergency, which means certain places will be closed, traffic may be banned and searches may also take place throughout the Paris region; and second he closed the borders not to let anybody come in to commit any act and not to let those who did the attack leaving the country and then catch them. 

The Eiffel Tower turned off its lights in memoriam of the victims who  lost their lives. I feel really close to what happened even though I'm halfway around the world. There are rumours that Rome will be next and then London. Italy has enforced the controls at the borders and it's in a state of alert. Things like this should never happen. I just wanna ask everybody to say a pray for Paris and for everybody who lost somebody because of this attack, to be close to them and to really take a minute to think about it. This is not the place, the world, where I wanna raise my kids, these aren't the values and the fears I want them to grow up with, so let's fight for our freedom, for our culture. Leaving is not the solution, but to stay and fight for what is ours.
#HandsOffFromEurope    #PrayForParis    #JeSuisParis

'What the terrorists want is for us to be scared. But in the face of terror, we have to be united and will vanquished these terrorists. Long live the republic, and long live France'
Francois Hollande


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