Sunday, February 21, 2016

99 Days Left !!!

Happy to go back but upset for leaving. It's that moment when you don't even know how you feel. I do miss my parents and my brother, which actually will come to visit me in 37 days, my friends, my life.  I'm really accomplished for my experience here, I'm having a really great time, I have an awesome host family which is really a second family now. I couldn't be more happy about this exchange year which has brought me so many adventures and new things. It's about to be time to leave this dream, and get back to the real world. Right now I just wanna enjoy this 3 months I have left and have fun, it's gonna be great. I might write a post in the next days about the things I'm starting doing for my Italian school, making up and organising. I'll be at UCS Pueblo from Thursday to Saturday for the Festival Of Winds, I'll definitely do a post probably next Sunday if I have time, otherwise Monday. 

Carpe Diem guys :)

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